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International Safety Components (ISC) RP702

Front Rear Open for Rigging
Front Rear Open for Rigging

Technical Details

I acquired my ISC RP702 from Daniel Soleau in 2022.

My ISC RP702 is 220 mm. tall, 84 mm. wide, 37 mm. thick, and weighs 664 g.

Cam faceThe ISC RP702 is a single pulley with an eccentric cam that prevents one strand of rope from leaving the device (unlike the CMI Uplift and SRT Rescuemates, which prevent entering). The frame is an anodized aluminum extrusion with a rectangular channel for mounting the cam and an 15 mm. U-shaped channel for the rope. The sheave is turned from aluminum alloy. It is 17 mm. thick, 67 mm. in diameter, and has a 5.2 mm. deep U-shaped rope groove on the perimeter. The swinging front plate is 4.7 mm. thick anodized aluminum with two cutouts to reduce weight.

The cam is a plated skeletonized, reinforced stainless steel casting with a (4.3)^6(4) conical tooth count. The cam axle is a semitubular rivet. The cam radius increases from 45 to 62 mm. over an angle of 41°, giving a 24° cam angle. The tooth axes are perpendicular to the cam face. The teeth are well-formed. The cam, cam spring, and a cam housing are mounted on a 5 mm. semi-tubular rivet. The cam housing is a piece of thin sheet metal bent to cover the top of the cam channel and serve as a spacer along the sides of the cam. A pull pin with a ring passes through a small hole below the cam axle to serve as a cam safety. When in place, it can keep the cam from opening, or if placed when the cam is open, it will hold it open. A cord from the ring passes through a hole on the side of the cam channel and on to a hole in the bottom of the cam. Pulling on this cord will open the cam.

The swinging front plate is printed with with a strength rating illustration for pulley use (20 kN per side, 40 kN total) and "I|S|C." The rope channel is printed with an up-pointing arrow. The rear is printed with "I|S|C," a book-with-an-"i" icon, "ø 10 - 13 mm," "RP702," "CE0120," "EN:12278:07," "EN567:97," and "16/76668/08."


This is a well-made but massive device designed for rescue applications.

The frame extrusion marches the extrusion used for the ISC handled ascenders and the equivalent PMI Puma and Yates Big Wall ascenders. The cam casting is the same as the one used on these ascenders and the ISC Stryder foot ascender.