Future Site Construction PlansUnder construction

Coming Soon

I have evaluated the following devices, and I will be writing pages for them shortly:

  • Cassin, Version A (Anchor Brake)
  • Cassin, Version B (Anchor Brake)
  • Bassett Metal Studios, Version B (Chest Box)
  • Bassett Metal Studios, Version C (Chest Box)
  • Bassett Metal Studios, Version D (Chest Box)
  • Camnal (Cows Tail)
  • CMI Shorti, Version C (Eccentric Cam Ascender (Hand))
  • Clog Small, Version ###Between B & C### (Figure 8)
  • Faders, Version C (Figure 8)
  • Unknown #6 (Figure 8)
  • Glacier Black PaliKoa Element (Figure 8 /w Ears)
  • Glacier Black PaliKoa Pivot (Figure 8 /w Ears)
  • NewDoar (Foot Ascender)
  • CMI (Handled Ecc. Cam Ascender (Milled))
  • Clog Expedition, Version ###BETWEEN D & E### (Handled Ecc. Cam Ascender (Stamped))
  • Petzl Ascension, Version ###BETWEEN D AND E### (Handled Ecc. Cam Ascender (Stamped))
  • Petzl Ascentree, Version B (Half) (Handled Ecc. Cam Ascender (Stamped))
  • Storrick Rappel Hammer, Version C (Horizontal Spool)
  • Storrick Rappel Hammer, Version D (Horizontal Spool)
  • PMI Short, Version B (J-frame Rack)
  • Storrick J-Bar, Version B (Misc. Descender)
  • Triwonder (Notched Belay Tube)
  • Komet-Altochut Spider P00018 (Rope Grab - Type 1 Lever Cam)
  • DMM Betterbrake, Version B (Sticht-type Belay Plate)

The following devices are new acquisitions. I need to test these before writing pages for them:

  • None at this time.

The following devices are on order, in transit, or have been donated but not yet received:

  • Edelrid Chest Cruiser (Eccentric Cam Ascender (Chest)), expected in 2022
  • Edelrid Rescue 8 (Figure 8 /w Ears), expected in 2022
  • Edelrid Hand Cruisers (Handled Ecc. Cam Ascender), expected in 2022
  • Giro II (Plate Descender), expected in 2022

Long-term Plans

As you can see, this site is perpetually under construction. I started this in mid-August, 1999, and instead of waiting until the site was "perfect," I put something on line early. Even now, many years later, I have more to add. This is a noncommercial site (I'm a user, I don't sell equipment, please don't ask), and I have to fit working on this into my spare time.

My general plans are to continue developing the site in the following order:

  1. A high priority is to review new, currently available equipment that is donated to my collection by the manufacturer or their distributors and dealers. I don't promise to like everything, but I will try give an honest assessment as soon as practicable (however long that takes).

  2. I try to create pages for all of the equipment that I currently own. This task is ongoing as I acquire and test new devices. Some of the descriptions are informal, as these were written quickly when I created the corresponding pages. These descriptions portray some of my opinions, but they tend to be rather incomplete. I want to expand these when I can, but each time I acquire something new, I start falling behind again.

  3. Some of the existing photos are blurred, so I need to reshoot them. I flag the worst ones with the "blurry eyes" icon . I also use this icon to flag photos that I want to replace for other reasons, such as having acquired a duplicate that is in better condition than the one originally photographed.

  4. There are always spelling and grammatical errors to be corrected. I correct these as I find them, and occasionally make a concerted effort to systematically review each description.