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Skylotec Ergogrip


Front Rear
Front Rear
Side Top
Side Top

Technical Details

I acquired my Skylotec Ergogrip in 2017 as part of Bob Thrun’s collection.

My Skylotec Ergogrip is 106 mm. long, 75 mm. wide, 37 mm. high, and weighs 290 g.

The Ergogrip consists of a frame, cam, and riveted axle. The frame and cam are forged aluminum. The finger grooves are comfortable and the shape of the upper cam makes it easy to operate the cam with the thumb.

One side is stamped with a logo, "SKYLOTEC," and "ERGOGRIP."


My collection has these essentially identical devices:

Image Device
Antec Pole Lanyard Maxiglisse Antec Pole Lanyard Maxiglisse
Antec Pole Lanyard Maxiglisse I Climb (元鴻興有限公司) #654
Image Device
Skylotec Ergogrip Skylotec Ergogrip

My Antec Pole Lanyard Maxiglisse came as part of a flipline. It was designed for climbing tree and utility poles. The others were sold as rope grabs. I was never comfortable calling these rope grabs. Skylotec's web site sells the Ergogrip as part of a work positioning lanyard (i.e., a flipline in my terminology). The I Climb #654 was certified to EN358:2018, indicating that it was also for work positioning (i.e., for a flipline). The NTR has EN341 markings, but this standard is for descenders (making no sense to me). I think that the NTR would also function better in the flipline role. For these reasons, I'm calling all of these flipline adjusters rather than rope grabs.

The three large finger grooves and the thumb tab on the spring-loaded cam make these easy to operate as flipline adjusters. They each feel good in my hands.

In each of these, the adjustable clamp resembles an ascender in some ways. The cam pivots on the others are fixed, so none of these can be attached to or removed from the rope except at the end of the rope.

The I Climb #654 has a toothed cam surface, while the other three have smooth cam surfaces.

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