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Skylotec Ergogrip

Front Rear
Front Rear
Side Top
Side Top

Technical Details

I acquired my Skylotec Ergogrip in 2017 as part of Bob Thrun’s collection.

My Skylotec Ergogrip is 106 mm. long, 75 mm. wide, 37 mm. high, and weighs 290 g.

The Ergogrip consists of a frame, cam, and riveted axle. The frame and cam are forged aluminum. The finger grooves are comfortable and the shape of the upper cam makes it easy to operate the cam with the thumb.

One side is stamped with a logo, "SKYLOTEC," and "ERGOGRIP."


My Skylotec Ergogrip was sold as a Rope Grab, but I have some doubts about this. The Antec Pole Lanyard Maxiglisse has a very similar device used as a flipline adjuster, and I think that the Ergogrip would function better in that role, so that is how I am classifying it.

The NTR is similar, but features a hex cap screw axle that makes the NTR easier to put the on rope when the rope ends are not available.