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Kong Ghost

Front Rear Top
Front Rear Top
Left Right Bottom
Left Right Bottom

Technical Details

I acquired my Ghost from On Rope 1 in 2007.

The Kong Ghost is forged from aluminum alloy and then hard anodized. The Ghost is 82 mm. tall, 47 mm. wide, and 48 mm. thick. My ghost weighs 66 g.

There are two main slots, each is 37.3 mm. long and 12.8 mm wide. A carabiner eye at one end has a 19.5 mm. hole. A rib extends below and between the two main slots, and has an irregular carabiner hole.

My Ghost is marked on one side with a climber icon, "Ghost," and a right hand-holding-a-rope icon. The upper part of the rib on that side has the Kong logo and "Italy," while the lower part of the shaft on that side has "065964 07 0288." The other side has a left hand-holding-a-rope icon, a book-with-an-"i" icon," a rope icon, "Ø," "7,5÷10,5 mm," and another climber icon.


The Ghost can be used much like a standard belay tube, and the central rib acts like a keeper, much like the rib on the Omega Pacific SBGs. The instructions for the ghost state, "It is conceived for dynamic belay of the leader, as well as for self locking belay of one or two partners.

The long slots on the Ghost remind me of the Kong Gi–gi and the Cassin #217. The long slots on all three devices reduce the friction seen when belaying two seconds at once. This practice seems common in Europe, but unusual here. One can also rappel with the Ghost.