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Krok G2

Front Rear Bottom
Front Rear Bottom
Front: Open for Rigging Rear: Open for Rigging
Front: Open for Rigging Rear: Open for Rigging

Technical Details

Cam faceI acquired my Krok G2 from Krok in 2021.

The Krok G2 consists of one left- and one right-handed Krok handled ascender - in this case, Version E - bolted to a central V-shaped aluminum plate. Each ascender is attached to the plate are made with one large-head 6 mm. serew and one 4 mm. screw, secured with nylon lock nuts. My assembled G2 is 221 mm. tall, 163 mm. wide, 69 mm. thick, and weighs 561 g.

The front of the rope channel on each ascender is printed with an up-pointing arrow with "WLL 4kN" inside, the Krok logo, "1809.2702" on the left and "1810.2408" on the right ascender, and a book-with-an-"i" icon


The connecting plate holds the ascenders at an angle, much like the plate in the Climbing Technology Quick’Arbor. Some people will find that this makes the more G2 comfortable than other dual handle ascenders such as the Jumar Tree, Kong Trender, Kong Twin, or Petzl Ascentree but I find that it encourages leaning back, reducing climbing efficiency.