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Jumar Tree
(#1968, 2285)


Closed Open for Rigging
Closed Open for Rigging

Technical Details

Cam faceI acquired my Jumar Tree from Bob Thrun in 2014. Bob bought these from PEWATEC Safety Systems in Germany. I acquired another in 2017 as part of Bob Thrun’s collection.

The Jumar Tree is 183 mm. tall, 157 mm. wide, 57 mm. thick, and weighs 505 g. It consists of two Swiss Rescue Jumars connected with a single 5.5 mm socket head machine screw.

The front side of each rope channel is printed with "JUMAR," "CE 2008," EN597," and "USE ROPE ø9-13mm."


I cannot take this seriously. One machine screw is not enough to keep the two ascenders from rotating with respect to each other. A carabiner through the large attachment holes will help, but I'm not sold on this one at all.

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