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Krok Pro

Front View Rear View Side View
Front View Rear View Side View

Technical Details

I acquired one rack from Gear4Rocks in 2012. Immediately thereafter, I received a second one when Alex Dniprovsky sent me a box of donations originating from Alex Kostromitinov, the CEO of Krok. Gear4Rocks is the same company as Krok, the only difference is that the Krok trademark sells gear only inside the Ukraine, and the Gear4Rocks trademark was created to spread Ukrainian gear around the world.

My Krok Pro rack is 266 mm. tall, 77 mm. wide, 20 mm. thick, and weighs 439 g. The frame is made from two pieces of 8.0 mm. steel. The spine side is bent to form 7/8ths of a 13 mm. diameter eye at the bottom. It is straight at the top where is passes through the top brake bar. Two tiny tack welds keep the bar from rotating. The bar is held on by a tall threaded post that double as a rope guide for locking off. The eye is closed by a bent sheet metal piece riveted in place.

The other piece of the frame is a straight piece of 8.0 mm. steel that passes through a hole in the bottom side of the top bar. I presume that it is tack welded in place as well, but this is hard to see. The hole location gives the frame an internal width of 21 mm. The bottom of this bar has a cross hole with a rivet. This serves no useful purpose; in particular, it does not effectively limit how far down the bottom bar can slide.

There are five 20 mm. diameter bars. The top bar is a 77 mm. long single-sided, double horn hyperbar made from steel tubing with a 2.25 mm. wall. The hyperbar is a single piece of 8.0 mm. steel that is tack welded in place. The remaining bars are also made from steel tubing, but with only a 1.9 mm. wall. Allowing 45 mm. for the rope leaves 35 mm. for spreading the bars.

The eye closure is stamped with the Krok logo.


This is a small rack that compares favorably in weight to the four bar BMS microrack, but provides five bars and an open-frame design. My concern lies with the frame design - the tack welds are tiny, and this rack does not inspire the qualitative trust in its strength that I desire.