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Warren Lewis

Front View Rear View Side View
Front View Rear View Side View


Technical Details

I acquired this rack from Warren Lewis at the 1998 NSS Convention.

Warren Lewis’ rack is 371 mm. tall, 69 mm. wide, 23 mm. thick, and weighs 842 g. The frame is made from 11.3 mm. stainless steel bent into shape, with an internal width of 34 mm. and a 36 mm. diameter welded eye. There are six Gerry brake bars. The bars are 19 mm. in diameter and 70 mm. long. Allowing 45 mm. for the rope gives a 135 mm. for spreading the bars.

There are no markings on this rack.


Working independently, Warren Lewis built this rack about the same time that John Cole developed his rack; i.e., in roughly 1966. Warren showed it to some people at the March 26, 1966 NSS Board of Governors meeting in St. Louis Missouri, and learned of John Cole’s rack at that time.

Like John, Warren used Gerry brake bars because they were readily available at that time. Note the interesting bar retainer - instead of threading the rack and using a nut, Warren used a collar with a set screw.