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Esso Grotto

Front View Rear View Side View
Front View Rear View Side View

Technical Details

Marshall Faushold acquired this rack from the Esso Grotto, and gave it to me in 1999.

My Esso Grotto rack is 288 mm. tall, 64 mm. wide, 44 mm. thick, and weighs 509 g. The frame is made from 9.5 mm. steel bent into shape, with an internal width of 34 mm. and a 25 mm. diameter coiled eye. The eye is turned 90° to the plane of the bars, and wired shut. There are five REI brake bars. The bars are 19 mm. in diameter and 64 mm. long. Allowing 45 mm. for the rope leaves 36 mm. range for spreading the bars.

Each brake bar is stamped "REI."


This is another early, non-commercial rack. The wire that holds the eye closed is unnecessary, and I doubt that it increases the eye strength by any meaningful amount.