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Russian Homemade
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Front View Rear View Side View
Front View Rear View Side View

Technical Details

I acquired two of these racks from Artyom Babin (Артём Бабин) in 2021.

This rack is 213 mm. tall, 74 mm. wide, 19 mm. thick, and weighs 586 g. The frame is made from 7.8 bent into a U, with an internal width of 27 mm. There are four 18 mm. diameter brake bars. The top bar is a 75 mm.-long slotted hyperbar with the post consisting of a machine screw. The lower three bars are 52 mm.-long standard bars Bar 3 is slotted, 2 and 4 are not. Allowing 35 mm. for the rope leaves 54 mm. for spreading the bars.

There are no markings on this rack.


This rack is a disaster and fully deserves a Lemon Award:

First, bars 1 and 3 are swinging bars, not bars 2 and 4. There is no practical way to thread this rack as a 4-bar rack, leaving this one as a 3-bar rack with a useless fourth bar. Three-bar racks are marginally safe at best, and bloody fast.

The rack frame extends 19 mm. above the hex nuts, exposing the threads to the rope. While a post is useful, the threads still have sharp edges. These should be filed smooth.

The frame tops were turned to a smaller (5.8 mm) diameter before threading, needlessly reducing the frame’s strength.

The nuts holding the frame on the bar were not tightened, defeating the idea of having a jam nut.

The hyperbar is a machine screw. It has sharp exposed threads to rub against the rope, aba idea. It is loosely fit to the bar, so I expect it to unscrew and be lost, solving that problem.

Maybe you should buy one of these to better appreciate how much better your serious gear is. Just don't use it.