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Front View Rear View
Front View Rear View

Technical Details

Joe Shapiro sent me this MSA SBCA in 2022.

My MSA SBCA is 83 mm. tall, 44 mm. wide, 10 mm. thick, and weighs 62 g.

There are no markings on my MSA SBCA.


The MSA SBCA is part of one of MSA's older bailout belt systems. Joe wrote the following information:

The MSA SCBA had several versions of "bail out belt". Newer versions had a Sterling F4 and anchor hook or carabiner attached. This plate was on the earlier version.

I do not have the full kit so I cannot test the MSA SBCA with the webbing that was used in the kit. Since it was designed for webbing and not rope, I don't consider it suitable as a mainstream descender for day-to-day recreational use.