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Vento Alligator
(Венто Аллигатор)

Front View Rear View Side View
Front View Rear View Side View

Technical Details

Artyom Babin (Артём Бабин)sent me this Vento Alligator (Венто Аллигатор) in 2022.

My Vento Alligator (Венто Аллигатор) is 139 mm. tall, 47 mm. wide, 11 mm. thick, and weighs 95 g.

The Alligator is milled from aluminum plate and then painted red. The top of the plate has a beveled front face. The upper opening is 33 by 24 mm. A 10 mm. wide, 5.5 mm. deep transverse notch aligns with the upper hole centerline. The rope sots are 22.6 mm, long and 5.3 mm. wide. The ends are perpendicular to the plate's rear face for about 5 mm., and then expand at a 45° angle for the remaining thickness. Each eye is 14.1 mm. in diameter.

There are no markings on the Alligator.


The alligator came without any instructions, and Артём did not have any documentation, photographs, or experience with the device. It appears to use a carabiner as a brake bar for descending. It can also be used as a "guide mode" Sticht Plate (see the Kong Gi–gi page for more information). The notch will hold the carabiner in position for some rigging arrangements, but the carabiner will rotate out of position for others.

The slots are not symmetrical. In effect, the slots are "pre-worn," but this eliminates any sharp edges. Do not reverse the plate, or you will wear a sharp edge at the ends of the slots.

There are three eyes, allowing for balanced rigging using a single carabiner for single-rope use, and either single or doubled carabiners for double-rope use.

I do not know of any reason for the top opening or the wedge at the top, other than to lighten the Alligator.