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Кооператив Титан
(Cooperative Titan)

Front Rear
Front Rear

Technical Details

I acquired my Titan from John E. Weinel, Inc. in 1989.

My Titan is 117 mm. tall, 161 mm. wide, 8 mm. thick (19 mm. including the posts), and weighs 278 g. The Titan is made from titanium alloy. The side slots are 61 mm. long and 16.3 mm. wide, the center slot is 1 mm. longer. The carabiner eyes are 16.2 mm. long and 13 mm. wide. The lightening hols are 15.2 mm. in diameter. Thre are two 11 mm. tall, 5.85 mm. diameter posts on one side of the Titan, separated by 31.6 mm.

There are no markings on the Titan.


The Titan is another Russian industrial descender. It came with an instruction book that shows it used with a bosun’s seat instead of a seat harness, but I see no reason that a harness can't be used as well.

The Titan is a titanium plate with two posts. Normally it is used with double ropes, but it can be used on single lines as well. There are a number of other options shown in the manual, most of which are fairly obvious. The posts are somewhat important because they keep the rope from binding at the carabiners on traversing maneuvers. The horns are convenient for tying off while working.

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