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Primal The Descender


Front View Rear View Left Side View Right Side View
Front View Rear View Left Side View Right Side View

Technical Details

I acquired my Primal The Descender on eBay from Kenneth Bernard (in 2019.

My Primal The Descender is 152 mm. tall, 108 mm. wide, 442 mm. thick, and weighs 444 g.

The Descender consists of a plastic housing with a 42.5 mm. webbing loop sewn to the top and a 15.2 mm. webbing loop protruding from the bottom. The red plates are steel, and there are four hex socket machine screws on each side.

The Descender comes with a tree strap and a carabiner for attaching to one’s harness tether.

There are no permanent markings on the device, but there is a sticker on the left side that has a scanner code, "08930301802," "VIEW ALL INFORMATION before use," "," "S/N: RDIS-OIRA-938532," and "DO NOT REMOVE."


The Descender is designed as a tree stand safety for hunters. The idea is that if the hunter falls asleep after hours of nothing coming by to shoot or photograph and then falls out of her tree stand, the descender will slow her descent to a safe speed.

Naturally, The Descender is sold as a single use device, ruling it out as a normal caving or climbing descender. This is also why I have not tested mine.

The internal mechanism is hidden, and I have not disassembled The Descender, but it is fairly obvious that the 15 mm. webbing follows a serpentine path inside the steel working portion of the device.

Instructions Instructions Instructions Instructions Instructions Instructions


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