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Fire Innovations Core


Front Rear Left Right
Front Rear Left Right

Technical Details

I acquired my Fire Innovations Core from Fire Innovations in 2016.

The Fire Innovations Core is 162 mm. tall, 38 mm. wide, 26 mm. thick, and weighs 202 g.

The Core is milled from aluminum alloy and then hard anodized. It has two 9.8 and one 10.9 mm. rope holes arranged in a triangular pattern with some milled groves connecting them, and a slot for a 22 mm. webbing sling that is used to connect the core to one’s harness. The top of the core serves as a lever that, if released, stops the descent.

The front is printed with a rigging illustration, "FIRE INNOVATIONS," "CORE™," "Patent Pending," "MEETS NFPA 1983 (2012 ED) E," "MBS 13.5 kN," "7.5mm APPROVED ROPE ONLY," "SEE INSTRUCTIONS - REQUIRES TRAINING," the UL "Classified" logo, "3BFO," and "Made in USA."


I don't run into burning buildings to jump out the windows, but the Core is designed for people who do. My comments are not relevant for that application, such people should form their own opinions and ignore mine.

What I will say is that I do not take this device seriously for caving or climbing applications. It is designed for use on a special 7.5 mm. cord that is, in my opinion, too small for my applications.

The instruction manual states, "The device is for one-time use only." I don't see a practical reason for this restriction, so I assume it was written by lawyers rather than users.

I found the instruction manual to be rather confusing. It talks about squeezing the lever to descend, but I found that I needed to pull it down instead. Someone is missing something here. The manual’s instructions on how to rig the Core are also ambiguous ("weave rope through all holes…) and refer to a nonexistant "threading diagram at the end of these instructions," but the rigging diagram on the device adequately clarifies the instructions.

Fire Innovations received U.S. Patent #9,956,437 for the Core in 2018.

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