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LemonCMI Guillotine

Front View Rear View Side View
Front View Rear View Extended

Technical Details

I acquired my CMI Guillotine from CMI in 2015.

The Guillotine is 169 mm. tall, 50 mm. wide, 12 mm. thick, and weighs 126 g. The Guillotine consists of a red body milled from two pieces of aluminum alloy, anodized, and then riveted together. The body has four 17.6 mm. holes on 25.4 mm. centers. The body surrounds a 4.3 mm. thick gray anodized aluminum brake plate. The plate has and four rounded 11.9 mm. rope holes on 25.4 mm. centers and a 15.9 mm. eye. The plate can slide about 11.6 mm. In the collapsed position, the centers of the rope holes align with the corresponding holes in the body. Two set screws in the base of the body allow adjusting the maximum extension.

Each side of the Guillotine body is printed with "Made in USA," "MBS 5,700 lbs," "Escape Device," and "Guillotine." Each side of the brake plate is printed with "Cmi" and "Exceeds tests for NFPA 1983/2006 E 0710."


InstructionsThe guillotine is designed for use with 7.5mm Escape Tech rope. Rigging the Guillotine requires having access to the rope end, and threading it through the four holes. Since this is not convenient, users should pre-rigged the Guillotine if they anticipate needing it for rapid escape.

The adjustment screws allow customizing the friction for each individual user. This should be done before use, not on Rappel. My Guillotine came with a second pair of set screws. These were longer than those installed, and intended to limit extension for for lighter users.

This might be an interesting curio for the firemen, but I recommend against it for caving and climbing. For our purposes, I give this a lemon award: Lemon