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Unknown Rusty 8

Front Rear
Front Rear
UNSAFE: Decorative use only!

Technical Details

I acquired a pair of these on eBay from Deb Sardone in 2018.

Each of these is 91 mm. tall, 68 mm. wide, 9 mm. thick, and weighs 72 g. The devices are not flat, but bowed. Without the bow, they are only 8 mm. thick. They are made from eitherr cast iron or forged steel. The two are closely matched, indicating that they are probably not hand forged, at least not without a die of some sort.

There are no markings on this device.


The seller provided the following description:

"These items are from an antique auction in Kutztown Pennsylvania. I am unsure what they are exactly. They are a nice heavy weight - 2.5 oz each. They could be used as a nice decorative piece for a climbing enthusiast."

I don't know exactly what these are. My guess is that they are some piece of harness hardware. Kutztown is Amish country, adding some plausibility to what is otherwise nothing more than a guess.