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Front Rear
Front Rear

Technical Details

I acquired my Madagaskar (Мадагаскар) eight in 2004, when Serguei Khramtsov of Ural Sport did some shopping in Russia for me.

The Madagaskar is milled from plate aluminum alloy. Mine is 123 mm. tall, 77 mm. wide, and 10 mm. thick. The rope hole is 51 mm. high and 46 mm. wide. The top center thickness is 10 mm. The shaft length and width are 25 mm. and 25 mm., respectively. The eye measures 14.6 mm. by 12 mm. The ears are 14.6, 25.7, and 21 mm. long. My Russian copy of Petzl Pirana weighs 81 g.

The Madagaskar logo is stamped on the rear.


The Madagaskar is another lighter than most figure eights with ears. The quality is excellent; perhaps as good as or even better than the original Petzl Pirana that it copies. The primary difference is that the Madagaskar lacks the plastic insert. As with the original, the eye is too narrow to accept two full size locking carabiners.

Since the Madagaskar is a direct copy of the Petzl Pirana, the same instructions should apply. I'm calling it a miscellaneous figure eight with ears for the same reason.

The Madagaskar eight was produced by NPO Terem LLC (Director Sergey Gerasimov) for Madagaskar.

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