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International Safety Components (ISC)
D2 Escape Descender RP860

Front View Rear View Side View
Front View Rear View Side View

Technical Details

I acquired my ISC D2 Escape Descender from Rescue Technology in 2013.

My ISC D2 Escape Descender is 143 mm. tall, 70 mm. wide, 61 mm. thick, and weighs 290 g.

The side plates are 2.9 mm. anodized aluminum, separated by 9.1 mm. The side plates are fixed, i.e., they do not pivot open for rigging. Each plate has a 22.1 mm. attachment hole at the base and a slight bend at the top of the hole so the plates converge at the bottom. The upper bollard is 21 mm. in diameter. It is riveted in place at the top of the D2, and does not rotate. The lower bollard is a pivoting cam controlled by the exterior lever. When rigged correctly, the rope acts to turn the lower bollard toward the stop position, and the lever will point upward. Rotating the lever down in a clockwise direction actuates a hidden cam that rotates the lower bollard, reducing friction. An arrow on the lever and marks on the shell show the effective control range. If the range is exceeded, the lever releases the bollard, and the latter rotates to the stop position.

The front is printed with "I|S|C," the D2 descender logo, the Rescue Tech logo, "13/28477/04," a radial mark labeled "STOP," a second radial mark, and an arrow from the second mark to the first labeled "DESCEND." There is an arrow printed on the lever that points to the marks on the front plate. The rear plate is printed with a rigging illustration consisting of an anchor, rope, and a hand, "RP860," "100kg≥MAX LOAD≥40kg7.0-8.0 mm," "MEETS EN12841:06-TYPE C," a book-with-an-"i" icon, "MAX 120 m MIN-40°C," "MEETS NFPA 1983(12ED)E, "MBS 13.5kN," and"C E 0120."


The D2 is an escape descender designed for 7-8 mm. rope. Rigging requires threading the rope through a fixed opening (opening the cam makes this easier). For these and other reasons, I do not consider it to be suitable as a general purpose descender, but that was not the designer’s intent.

ISC recommends using their KH453 carabiner to provide handle clearance. There are others that will also work, but you should keep the clearance requirement in mind when selecting one.

Instructions Instructions