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Key Chain Bobbin


Front View Side View
Front View Side View
Decorative use only!

Technical Details

I acquired my Key Chain Bobbin I acquired another in 2017 as part of Bob Thrun’s collection.

My Key Chain Bobbin is 56 mm. tall, 13 mm. wide, 12 mm. thick, and weighs 17 g.

The two side plates are home made of 10.0 by 0.9 mm. stainless steel. The attachment point is a 4.0 mm. hole through each plate. The bollards are 13.5 mm. in diameter and 4.85 mm. thick, with a turned U-shaped groove that is 3.9 mm. wide and 2.0 mm. deep. The bollard bolts are #4-40 UNC stainless steel and are secured with matching hex nuts.

There are no markings on the Key Chain Bobbin.


There is no swinging side plate on this bobbin, so rigging requires either threading the end of the rope, or removing the top bolt and associated bollard.

Can you rappel on it? It is not safe, it will only work on 3 mm. accessory cord (which does not exist, according to EN 564:2014, but is easy to obtain), and the bobbin will bend and might break if the cord doesn't break first. Do not even consider using it yourself.

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