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Front Rear Side
Front Rear Side
Top Open for Rigging
Top Open for Rigging

Technical Details

I acquired my SUT on eBay from importjewelrylover in 2021.

My SUT is 90 mm. long, 105 mm. wide, 59 mm. high, and weighs 254 g.

The SUT has a milled and anodized aluminum alloy shell. The rope channel is 15.3 mm. wide with a U-shaped base. Two roll pins placed in transverse holes aligned with the deepest portion of the channel provide a slight pocket opposite the cam face. The cam is also milled and anodized aluminum alloy. The cam face has four shallow transverse grooves, forming five flat teeth. A thin plastic-covered wire cable secures the cam to the shell, and also acts as a cam closing spring. The cam axle is a generic QR pin. It is connected to the shell with another, thinner, plastic-covered cable keeper with a crimped loop around a hole in the QR pin and fastened to a blind hole in the shell with a set screw in a perpendicular hole.

One side of the SUT is printed with an up-pointing arrow, "UP," the SUT logo, "FOR Ø10-Ø12 ROPE," a down-pointing arrow, and "DOWN."


This looks very much like a Type 1 lever cam ascender, but was listed as a rope grab.

The SUT is well made and the milled shell makes for a rugged device.

The top and bottom of the rope channel are well-rounded and the SU has no sharp edges.

The cable makes a moderately strong cam-closing spring, and so the SUT holds position on rope fairly well.

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