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Mittlemann KB2

Front View Rear View
Front View Rear View

Technical Details

I acquired two Mittlemann KB2s from Steven Kaufman in 2011.

Each KB2 is 75 mm. long, 135 mm. wide, 27 mm. high, and weighs 466 g.

The KB2 is made from a number of plated steel stampings and minor parts. One 2.4 mm. plate forms a 3/4-circle rope channel, and extensions tabs on the sides are bent to support the cam axle pins. There are two cams, and two dimples in the shell, one opposite each cam. Each cam is made from four 2.9 mm. steel stampings riveted together. Each cam has 7 V-shaped notches, forming 8 teeth on each cam. The cams are connected by a 1.8 mm. stamped channel that has a red plastic insert riveted in the top. The connections and cam axles are all rivets. Springs on the channel pivot pins act to close the cams. A 5 mm. stamped eye with a 20 mm. hole pivots from the pin connecting the channel and lower cam. This is the tie-in point.

One side of the shell is stamped "KB2," "A PS 6135/79," and "Mittlemann." The other side is stamped "Sicherhailsseil Ø 16 DIN 7471," and "Kontröllieren Ende Gesichert" ("control end secured"). The connecting bar is stamped with a serial number on one side (for mine, 8160145 and 8220779, respectively). The spine of the bar is stamped with "HAUT," "UP," "OBEN," a sun icon, an up-pointing arrow, and a horizontal line with inclined hachures underneath.


The dual cam is similar to that on some of the Miller rope grabs, but like the Super Anchor Safety 4015M and unlike the Miller 8174s, this one cannot be opened to allow rigging at the middle of the rope. To rig this one, the user has to thread one end of the rope through the device.