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Unr-Rohn Rohn-Loc

Front View Top View
Front View Top View
Rear View
Rear View

Technical Details

I acquired my Unr-Rohn Rohn-Loc from John E. Weinel, Inc. in 1990.

My Unr-Rohn Rohn-Loc is 167 mm. long, 102 mm. wide, 34 mm. high, and weighs 989 g.

The Rohn-Loc consistes of a steel shell, a steel cam, and two spring-loaded pins (one is visible at the top of the rope slot), one of which keeps the rope in the slot at the top, and the other keeps the cam from opening far enough to free the rope. These are set up so that the cam can be locked in the open position (using the hole visible in the cam lever), yielding a more compact package when not in use.

The front of the Rohn-Loc has a raised up-pointing arrow and the word "UP" in raised letters. The rear has a raised logo; "UNR-Rohn," "U.S.PAT.RE. 30072," and "CANADA PAT. 1978" in raised letters, and a sticker tht says "ROHN-LOC."


The Unr-Rohn Rohn-Loc is basically an open-sided Type 1 Lever Cam Ascender. The safety is interesting.