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Tractel Stopfor B WB58P

Front Rear Top
Front Rear Top
Front: Open for Rigging Rear: Open for Rigging Bottom
Front: Open for Rigging Rear: Open for Rigging Bottom

Technical Details

I acquired my Tractel Stopfor B from Windows101 in 2021.

My Tractel Stopfor B is 71 mm. long, 113 mm. wide, 35 mm. high, and weighs 370 g.

The Stopfor B consists of two irregular 4 mm. steel plates enclosing an actuating lever, a gravity roller, a parking lever, a rivet acting as a rope anvil, and a plastic guide.

The two plates are connected by a double-ended shoulder rivet that passes through a washer, the fixed rear plate, the rocker arm, the pivoting front plate, and another washer. This rivet acts as an axle for the arm and front plate. The plates are separated by 20 mm. Each plate is bent inward on the right side until they touch.Each has a 33 mm. hole for attaching a lanyard clip. The front plate is cut away on the left for clearance when opened for rigging, and has a notch on the lower side that engages the anvil rivet.

The rocker arm is an irregular aluminum extrusion. A cutout between it and the rear plate hides a spring that acts to rotate the arm counter-clockwise. An 8 mm. diameter, 6 mm. tall stop pin to the left of the arm limits the arm’s rotation.

The rope anvil is a 10 mm. diameter shoulder rivet with a 15 mm. head riveted to the rear plate. A plastic guide extends left from the anvil to deter rigging the rope incorrectly.

An 8 mm. pin rides in a slot to the left of the rocker-arm. If the Stopfor B is inverted, gravity moves the pin to where it blocks opening the rocker arm. A latch lever below and left of the pin can be used to force the pin against the arm. This is used to help hold the Stopfor B in place on the main lifeline.

The front of the Stopfor B is printed with "SUBIRUP," a CSA logo, "Class ADP," "stopfor® B 5/8","a Tractel logo, "," "Cap310 lbs.," "one person incl. tools," "Meets: ANSI Z398.1 & A10.32," "IWCA I-14.1," "OSHA 1926," "NYSDOL # 9939, and "Read the other side." The rear is printed with a caution icon, "WARNINGS, "UPSUBIR," "Before use read instruction manual. Failure to read instruction manual supplied with this product may result in serious injury or death.," "Use only specified Tractel 5/8 in. (16 mm) dia. synthetic rope. Use of other dia. brand or type of rope may lead to serious injury or death.," "Do not use unless properly trained.," "inspect rope & rope grab before each use. Remove from service if subject to a fall arrest.," "Read the other side.," "Made in France," "BB58/P," and "1703 035."


The Stopfor B is designed for use on 16 mm. (5/8-inch) three-strand tope. This immediately rules it out for normal caving or climbing applications.

The Stopfor B comes in two models, The WB58 model does not have the parking lever that is present on my model WB58P.

The Stopfor B includes a gravity roller to prevent putting it on the rope upside-down. While this may seem like a safety feature, it assumes that the rope is vertical with the high end up. I would rather have the user know what they are doing and paying attention than relying on some magic gimmick can eliminate human stupidity.