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Yoke N601

Front View Top View
Front View Top View
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Left Side View Right Side View

Technical Details

I acquired my Yoke N601 from KwikSPACE Safety in 2012.

My Yoke N601 is 95 mm. long, 146 mm. wide, 35 mm. high, and weighs 357 g. The mechanism of the N601 is almost fully enclosed in a cast aluminum shell held together by four 5 mm. hex socket head cap screws and associated lock nuts. Two parts extend outside the housing. The first is a 55 mm. long pivoting arm with an 18,9 mm. attachment eye at the end. The other is a spring-loaded serrated pushbutton that aligns the internal mechanism for rigging. 21.2 mm. holes at the top and bottom allow the rope to pass through the housing. The housing is painted an orange yellow.

The internal mechanism consists of four pivoting tabs, each with an 18 mm. hole for the rope to pass through. The tabs are connected on one side by a bar that keeps them parallel to each other. A spring holds them at about a 30 degree angle to the horizontal. Depressing the pushbutton forces the tabs into a horizontal position, perpendicular to the rope path, thus facilitating rigging.

One side of the housing had "YOKE" and "N601 Ø16mm" in raised letters.


The Yoke N601 is certainly an unusual design. I found that it is not effective on ropes other than the recommended 16 mm. Rigging is a nuisance, since the user must either thread a free rope end through the device or be willing to disassemble the Yoke and then try to reassemble it while keeping all the internal parts aligned. I don't recommend the latter.

As with any enclosed device, I would avoid using the Yoke in muddy conditions.