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Klein Chicago® Grip


Front Rear
Front Rear

Technical Details

I acquired my Klein Wire Grip in 2017 as part of Bob Thrun’s collection.

My Klein Wire Grip is 86 mm. long, 225 mm. wide, 41 mm. high, and weighs 1184 g. It is made from steel forgings.

The front side of the arm has "KLEIN TOOLS, INC. CHICAGO, U.S.A." in raised letters. The rear side of the arm has "WARNING," "• DO NOT EXCEE RATED CAPACITY," "• BEFIOORE EACH USE CLEAN JAW AREA AND INSPECT GRIP FOR PROPER OPERATION TO AVOID SLIPPAGE," and "• MATCH THE SIZE AND TYPE GRIP TO APPLICATION." The front of the body has "S1•" forged in raised characters. The rear of the body is stamped "5000LBS 2268KG MAX LOAD," "SIZE .125-.50 IN 3.18-12.70 MM," "CAT.NO. 1604-20l" and "09-06."


Bob Thrun mentioned Klein Wire Grip cable pullers in the mechanical ascender chapter of Prusiking, wondering if someone might make a lightweight version for caving use. This is not the model pictured in his book, and it was made decades after he published his book.

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