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heightec Piranha D11

Front Rear
Front Rear

Technical Details

I acquired my heightec Piranha D11 from Ronald Marston in 2015.

The heightec Piranha is 61 mm. tall, 108 mm. wide, 26 mm. thick, and weighs 350 g.

The Piranha consists of two 3 mm. stainless steel plates riveted together with a cam assembly sandwiched between the plates. One end of each plate is bent inward, where a 20 mm. wide, 15 mm. tall hole in each plate align to form an attachment eye. The cam is stainless steel, and is mounted on a 1 mm. stainless steel plate. A red plastic finger knob attached to this plate extends beyond the shell to allow thumbing the cam.

My Piranha came rigged to about about 1.6 m. of 13 mm. kernmantle rope.One end has a sewn eve and is covered with a black plastic material that completely covers the eye, rendering it unusable. The other end is attached to a large snap hook. This length is padded by a 0.4 mm. length of tubular webbing.

One side of the Piranha is etched with "heightec," "," a book-with-an-"i" icon, "050210 399," "CE 0120," "EN358," "Piranha," and "D11."


The Piranha is a flipline adjuster designed for arborists. I don't swing through trees myself, so I should leave its evaluation to a real Tarzan, at least for that application.