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Orion-Alp Positioning Clamp
(Орион-Альп Зажим для позиционирования)

Front Rear Side
Front Rear Side

Technical Details

I had Artyom Babin (Артём Бабин) order this Positioning Clamp (Зажим для позиционирования) from Orion-Alp (Орион-Альп) for me in 2021.

My Orion-Alp Positioning Clamp (Орион-Альп Зажим для позиционирования) is 56 mm. long, 72 mm. wide, 26 mm. high, and weighs 164 g.

The Positioning Clamp consists of two 3 mm. painted steel plates separated by five 16.3 mm.-long spacers on semi-tubular rivets. Each plate has a 43 mm. tall, 22 mm. wide tapered attachment hole. The top, left, and bottom spacers are 11.9 mm. in diameter and the right-hand pacer is 7.8 mm. cylinder.

The front is printed with "Орион-Альп" and a rigging illustration. The inside of the rear plate is printed the same as the outside of the front plate, indicating that the plates are painted and printed prior to assembly.


The Positioning Clamp forms an adjustable cows-tail by threading the rope through the device. It is not a shock absorber. Take care to pass the rope through the attachment carabiner.

The Positioning Clamp is not a shock absorber