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R2D2 Shock Absorber
R2D2 Shock Absorber



Front Rear Top
Front Rear Top
Left Right Bottom
Left Right Bottom

Technical Details

I acquired my R2D2 from Krok in 2021.

My R2D2 is 48 mm. long, 70 mm. wide, 26 mm. high, and weighs 87 g.

The R2D2 consists of two 3.9 mm. aluminum alloy plates separated by five 13.9 mm.-long spacers. Each plate has a 30 mm. tall, 21 mm. wide tapered attachment hole. The top and left spacers are 15.7 mm. in diameter with a shallow U-shaped groove that gives an 11.8 mm. central diameter. The right-hand pacer is a 7.7 mm. cylinder, and the two bottom spacers are 9.8 mm. hexagonal bars.

The front is printed with "Регулятор длины" (meaning "Length adjuster"),’"R2D2",’ "Max 500 кг," "WLL 15kN," "MBS 22kN," "Ø 11," the Krok logo, a book-with-an-"i" icon, and "1901.0912." The rear is printed with "TP TC 019/2011," "EAC," a book-with-an-"i" icon, "ГОСТ P EN 358-2008," and a rigging illustration.


The R2D2 forms an adjustable cows-tail by threading the rope through the device. It is not a shock absorber. Take care to pass the rope through the attachment carabiner.

Правильно = Properly, Не правильно = Not properly.


The R2D2 is not a shock absorber

Shock Absorber


Technical Details

I acquired my Krok Shock Absorber from gear4rocks in 2010.

My Krok Shock Absorber is 40 mm. long, 68 mm. wide, 10 mm. thick, and weighs 49 g.

There are no markings on this plate.


RiggingThis plate was sold as a "shock absorber." I wrote and asked how this was used, and Ana Maculskaja at gear4rocks sent me the following response:

The shock absorber was created to compensate for the force of fall. I am including a picture of rope loading and usage of shock absorber. Together with dynamic rope (diameter 10 mm. and length 0.7-1.0 m. loaded the way shown at the photo) and a carabiner, you can significantly decrease a force you feel during fall. One end of rope you connect to webbing and fall compensator itself through carabiner you connect to webbing, but other end of rope you connect to point of hold. Then during fall the rope passes through the fall compensator and works as descender and decreases the force of the fall.

In other words, the plate is rigged and functions in the same way as the Petzl Zyper.