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Simond Aerofrein


Technical Details

InstructionsI acquired my Simond Aerofrein from Inner Mountain Outfitters in 2003.

My Simond Aerofrein kit weighs 576 g. The brake plate is 46 mm. long, 87 mm. wide, 8 mm. thick. It is aluminum with seven holes drilled in it. Two are 15.7 mm. double-strand holes, four are 9.0 mm. single-strand holes, and one is a 15.8 mm. hole for the webbing loop. There is a 14 cm. loop of webbing sewn to the plate to provide a tie-in point. The 9 mm. cord has a loop sewn at each end and covered with plastic to protect the stitching. Each loop passes through the eye of a large snap hook. The two ends of the cord are also sewn together just above the plate, as seen in the photo. The minimum distance between the plate and the hook is about 85 cm. The remaining cord (about 220 cm. ) is stored in a small belt pack provided with the kit.

One side of the plate is printed with the Simond logo; the other with "CE03333"and "406 02."


The Simond Aerofrein is designed as a dynamic cow’s tail for use on via ferrata. It is a particularly convenient kit that stores the excess cord in a way that it can run freely if needed, but is not a nuisance when it is not.