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Kong Doble Longe
with Slyde
(#698, 2670)


Kong Doble Longe Slyde, Front View Slyde, Rear View
Kong Doble Longe Slyde, Front View Slyde, Rear View

Technical Details

I acquired my Kong Doble Longe from Inner Mountain Outfitters in 1996. I acquired another Slyde in 2017 as part of Bob Thrun’s collection.

The Slyde is 49 mm. long, 63 mm. wide, 10 mm. thick, and weighs 38 g. My Kong Slyde was part of a Doble Longe kit sold by Expé. The rope was simply 9 mm. accessory cord with a knot tied at each end. Two HB carabiners came with the kit.

One side of the Slyde is stamped to give "KONG ITALY" in raised relief. The other side is stamped to give "BREV" and "KG.2500," also in raised relief.


Although it is easily adjusted with the knot provided, it does not appear to me that this kit is suitable for use as a dynamic cow’s tail in the configuration provided. It is a better choice than the Petzl Zyper for a normal cow’s tail that will never be shock loaded, mainly because it weight much less and uses a smaller, more convenient size rope.

Inner Mountain Outfitters got this Kong SlydeKong Doble Longe from Expé. Expé did not rig the Slyde in the way that Kong recommends. The Kong Climbing 2000 catalog shows three drawings of the Slyde on page 128. The middle drawing is erroneous (it shows an impossible rigging). The other two drawings show the Slyde rigged as shown to the right. This rigging is for a single cow’s tail only. It cannot be used for a double cow’s-tail since it will slip in one direction; however, it is almost secure in the other direction (if the proper cord is used, approximately 9 mm.) and is easier to adjust than the rigging shown above.

Instructions Instructions

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