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Unknown plate
(/w Simmons Roller)

Front View: Closed Top View Open for Rigging
Front View: Closed Top View Open for Rigging

Technical Details

I acquired this box from Bob Elron in at the 2019 NSS Convention.

This box is 205 mm. wide, 53 mm. high, 67 mm. thick, and weighs 455 g, including the harness. It is piece of 9.3 mm thick plastic plate with a Simmons Roller attached by two screws and nuts. The back plate has two 26 mm. diameter holes for attaching to a chest harness, and two 8.1 mm. holes for attaching a bungy pulley.

This is a noncommercial plate with no markings.


I presume that the plastic is Lexan, as acrylic (Plexiglas) would be too brittle. If you look carefully at the way the assembly is sewn to the harness, you will see that breaking the plate would not result in the Simmons Roller coming off the harness.