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Joe Flansburg

Front View: Closed Open for Rigging Top View
Front View: Closed Open for Rigging Top View

Technical Details

I acquired my Joe Flansburg box from Thomas Flansburg in 2013.

The Joe Flansburg is a noncommercial single channel chest box consisting of a cut aluminum plate with two aluminum angles attached with countersunk Allen bolts and a nylon roller on a quick-release pin. It is 178 mm. long, 87 mm. wide, 52 mm. high, and weighs 465 g. The back plate has 50 mm. tall vertical slots for attaching the box to a chest strap and 28 mm. wide horizontal slots for attaching shoulder straps. A brass chain attaches the pin to the back plate.

Joe engraved his initials "J. F." and his number "n.s.s.13994" on the front plate.


This is a large box for a single roller. Although heavier, a wider box is more efficient. The one thing I do not like is that the roller is not captured, so it could easily be dropped and lost.