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J. E. Weinel Inc.

Front View: Closed Open for Rigging
Front View: Closed Open for Rigging

Technical Details

I acquired my J. E. Weinel Inc. box from John at the 1991 NSS Convention.

My J. E. Weinel Inc. is 86 mm. long, 102 mm. wide, 61 mm. high, and weighs 288 g. It is a single channel chest box consisting of a thick, milled back plate with a Simmons Roller attached with two machine screws. The back plate has 55 mm. tall vertical slots for attaching the box to a chest harness.

There are no markings on the plate, but the Simmons Roller is stamped with "SIMMONS," as one would expect. The pin is stamped with "AVIBANK PUSH" and "55207-1."


All of the edges, corners, and slots on the back plate are very well rounded. I believe that this plate is far thicker and heavier than necessary.