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Ascender Knots

Bellunese Blake’s Hitch Buttonhole (a.k.a. Asola) Distel French Prusik Autoblock (a.k.a. Machard) Hedden Knot (a.k.a. Kreutzklem) Helical Knot Icicle Israeli French Prusik Klemheist Knut Martin Olivier Peron Caillet Hitch Series Penberthy & Penberthy-Pierson (a.k.a. Valdôtain) Prohaska Prusik Knot Schwab Schwabich Simple Buttonhole Spong Taut-line Hitch Todd Kramer Valdôtain Tress Eight-Link Knot Hedden Eight-Link Knot H-Bar Interalp Camp Look Rope-Tek Hitch Hiker 2 Salewa Snap Hook Storrick Salewa Copy Storrick Salewa Copy Storrick – Taylor Prusik Comealong Storrick – Taylor Prusik Comealong Thrun Bachmann Knot Bachmann Knot with Turns (a.k.a. Silverterknoten) Bachmann Ring Knot Carabiner Hedden Carabiner Knot (a.k.a. Bachmann 1947) Carabiner Prusik Cheater Knot Marlatt Knot RBS Knot Prusik Around Carabiner Snap Link Twist Grivel Magic Ring Display Board

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