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Figure Eights /w Ears VI

Display Board ASR Rescue 8 Canyon Werks CRITR Canyoning Equipment 4 You Devil-8 DMM Anka New England Ropes Micro Rappel Device Eric Thunberg Copy of the New England Micro Rappel Device Famau Glacier Black Palikoa Element Glacier Black Palikoa Pivot Interalp Camp Job Ural-Alp Self-Braking Descender/Belay Device International Safety Components Figure 9 Madagaskar Munter Edelrid Mago Edelrid Hannibal On Rope Canyoneering Hoodoo Orion-Alp Hummingbird Petzl Pirana Rappel Rescue Systems Pro-Pak Rappel Wheels Resonator 3000 International Safety Components Mini YQ CMI El Diablo

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