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Edelrid Belay Station Sling Deluxe

Front Rear Side
Front Rear Side

Technical Details

I acquired my Edelrid Belay Station Sling Deluxe from Alpinsport Basis GmbH in 2015.

The Edelrid Belay Station Sling Deluxe is a sticht-type belay plate. Mine is 43 mm. long, 117 mm. wide, 21 mm. high, and weighs 101 g.

The Sling Delux consists of a plate with a sewn sling. The plate has two slots that are 44 mm. long and 12.1 mm. wide, two 25 mm. wide, 28 mm. high subtrapezoidal eyes (slightly different from each other), and a 12 mm. by 4.5 mm. sling attahment slot. The plate has a recurved bend to it, amd is only 11 mm. thick, not counting the bend. The slint is 12 mm. by 2.6 mm. webbing, sewn into a small loop at the plate and another larger loop that extends 1.0 m. from the plate

There are no markings on the plate. There are two tags sewn to the sling. One has the Edelrid logo on one side and "CE0123," "EN 566," "22kN," a book-with-an-"i" icon, "Made in Germany," and "2012" on the reverse. The other tag has "Belay Sling Deluxe," "prEN15151-2 (15kN)," and "P 013 2012 278."


The Edelrid Belay Station Sling Deluxe is designed for belaying from a fixed anchor, although one could belay from the harness if they kept the sling out of the way. It really isn't intended for sport climbers and for everyday use, but it could serve guides well in certain situations such as belaying two clients. It’s a shame that it did not come with directions. If you are the armchair type, you can look at the Kong Gi–gi page for some ideas, but if you intend to use it in the field, get some proper instruction since there are some differences that you need to know about.