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Edelrid Batbrake

Front View
Front View

Technical Details

I acquired my first Edelrid Batbrake from KHS Sales in 1988 and a second one from Robert Gould in 2021.

The Edelrid Batbrake is forged from aluminum alloy and unfinished. Mine is 60 mm. long, 75 mm. wide, 10 mm. high, and weighs 50 g. It has a 40 mm. round rope hole with two internal horns and a 13.9 mm. diameter round eye.

Thre are no markings on my Batbrake.


The Edelrid Batbrake has a rather unique rigging. Although it seems that a free running belay will work, Edelrid recommends passing the tag end through the carabiner as shown in the figure (belaying from the anchor is assumed here). The Batbrake can be reversed in the same manner as a Munter hitch by allowing the Batbrake to rotate through the carabiner. This looks strange at first, since other devices don't do this, but it actually works.

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