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Vertical (Вертикаль) ver 0317


Front Rear
Front Rear
Side Front: Open for Rigging
Side Front: Open for Rigging

Technical Details

Artyom Babin (Артём Бабин) helped me acquire my Vertical (Вертикаль) model ver 0317 from Vertical in 2022.

My Vertical model ver 0317 is 68 mm. long, 117 mm. wide, 47 mm. high, and weighs 279 g.

The 317 consists of a spring-loaded cam assembly mounted between a back plate and a swinging front plate. The two plates are stamped from 2.9 mm. aluminum alloy and then anodized. The plates are shaped roughly like a mirror-image "D." The rear plate is folded forward on the right side and at the lower left, enclosing the working part of the device. The two plates are loosely riveted together near the top, with a 16.5 mm. stamped stainless steel anvil that serves as spacer between the two. The front plate can rotate about 135° clockwise with respect to the rear plate and spacer, allowing one to open the 317 for rigging. The two plates have inward dog-leg bends near the bottom, where 15.2 mm. attachment holes are punched through the sloping portion of the dog-leg. The front plate has a slot for capturing the head of the cam axle, and an arch to the right of the slot to provide support. The upper left half of the front plate is bent forward to provide a 13.5 mm. diameter curved surface for the rope to run over.

The cam is cast from stainless steel. The cam can rotate about 135° clockwise with respect to the rear plate, but a strong spring opposes this rotation. If the belayed climber falls, the cam rotates clockwise, and the top surface of the cam squeezes the rope against the anvil. A spring-loaded plastic handle on the rear of cam gives the belayer more leverage to release the cam.

The rear is printed with the the Russian Conformity Mark with "АГ75" underneath, "12 20" (the date of manufacture), the Vertical logo, "VERTICAL," a limber icon, and "ONLY FOR ROPE MIN Ø10 MAX Ø11."


Vertical model ver 0317 is a copy of the original Petzl Grigri. This copy is very well made. Артём, who lives in Russia, wrote, "The Petzl Grigri of the first model is still very popular with us, especially among industrial climbers, they noticed it and made a replica in China, slightly strengthening the handle." The plastic spine on the original Grigri was replaced by a fold in the rear plate. As a result of the changes, the Vertical model is 55 g. (24%) heavier than the original, something that is not as much of a concern to industrial users as to climbers.

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