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Conterra Delta V

Front Rear Top
Front Rear Top
Left Right Bottom
Left Right Bottom

Technical Details

I acquired my Conterra Delta V from Lance Johnson in 2020.

The Conterra Delta V is a notched belay tube. It is milled from aluminum alloy and then anodized. It has 2 slots with ribbed v-grooves and a plastic-covered cable keeper. Mine is 94 mm. long, 75 mm. wide, 86 mm. high, and weighs 89 g. The slots are 32 mm. long and 15 mm. wide. The top of the Omega oval carabiner that I use for comparing belay tubes sits 20 mm. below the ends of the slots. There is a 12.7 by 17 mm. release eye at the V-notch end, a 27 by 19 mm. carabiner eye at the other end, and 18 mm by 13 mm eyes on each side beside the V-notches. There are 19 by 9.6 mm. slots on the sides and central rib.

One is printed with "19-5-4" and an icon combining a caution sign, a book, and an eye (reading is bad for your eyes?). The back has two logos representing a "Δ" and a "V." The top of the


Most notched belay tubes in my collection are forged, but this one is milled from an aluminum block. I prefer forgings, but I see nothing wrong with milled fabrication.

The Delta V is one of the largest belay tubes in my collection, so it should please the "bigger-is-better" crowd. The size should help with thermal management.