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Asol S.E. Peak

Front Rear Top
Front Rear Top
Left Right Bottom
Left Right Bottom

Technical Details

I acquired my Asol S.E. Peak from Bosity in 2019.

The Asol S.E. Peak is a notched belay tube. It is forged from aluminum alloy and soft anodized. Mine is 99 mm. long, 41 mm. wide, 97 mm. high, and weighs 88 g. The Asol S.E. Peak has 2 slots with v-groove teeth and a plastic-covered cable keeper. The slots are 37 mm. long and 14 mm. wide. The top of the Omega oval carabiner that I use for comparing belay tubes sits 21 mm. below the ends of the slots.

One side is printed with a logo, "S.E.PEAK," "1606," and a rigging illustration. The other side is printed with the ASOL logo, "QXA23," "PICC," a hand-holding-a-rope icon, a book-with-an-"i" icon, and a climber icon.


The climber and hand icons show how to rig for belaying from the harness while using the notches. Reversing this arrangement removes the notches from play, resulting in less friction for braking.

When belaying a second from above, a guide can clip the Asol to an anchor sling with a carabiner passed through the carabiner hole, belaying in an autostop mode, much like one might with a Kong Gi–gi.