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Vertical Double Rope Clamp
(Вертикаль Зажим для двойной веревки)

Front Top
Front Top
Left Right Open for Rigging
Left Right Open for Rigging

Technical Details

Artyom Babin (Артём Бабин) sent me this Vertical (Вертикаль) Double Rope Clamp (Зажим для двойной веревки) in 2021.

The Orion-Alp (Орион-Альп) is 111 mm. tall, 59 mm. wide, 80 mm. thick, and weighs 182 g.

This ascender uses a stamped aluminum frame that wraps around one or two ropes. A forged aluminum lever is mounted in the center of the frame, and can be pulled through the back of the frame to allow rigging the rope. The lever is spring loaded so it will automatically return to the operating position. There are truncated conical posts forged on each side of the lever. In use, each of these presses the corresponding rope into a slight detent in the frame. There is a small hole in the back of the lever that one can attach a small cord to to allow remotely releasing the device. Bent steel straps on each side of the frame provide some support for the frame and the bolt that serves as an axle for the lever. The frame and lever are covered with a speckled paint.

The left side is printed with the Sieg Heil icon, the Vertical logo, "VERTICAL," the Russian Conformity Mark with "AГ13" underneath, and "12 20." The right side is printed with "DOUBLE ROPE 8 ≤ Ø ≤11," "SINGLE ROPE 10 ≤ Ø ≤ 11," and a reading-is-dangerous icon. The bolt heads have "A2-70" and "THE" in raised characters.


This is a Russian copy of the Petzl Shunt, and is comparable in quality and function.