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Wall Safety RG1 6066


Front Rear
Front Rear
Side Top Open for Rigging
Side Top Open for Rigging

Technical Details

I acquired my Wall Safety RG1 6066 in 2017 as part of Bob Thrun’s collection.

The Wall Safety RG1 6066 is 99 mm. tall, 90 mm. wide, 51 mm. thick, and weighs 304 g.

The frame and cam are milled from aluminum. The frame’s rope channel is square rather than U-shaped, and the cam face is not contoured. Neither of these aspects hurts the ascenders performance to any significant degree. The inside of the shell has a milled depression that the cam forces the rope into. This spreads the load on the rope, and may increase the holding power of the ascender. The top of the rope channel is rounded off so that the rope does not bend over any sharp corners.

The cam has six grooves in the face giving five distinct teeth. The cam rides on a pin that has a ball-bearing retainer to keep it from backing out. The pin is attached to the frame by a small stainless steel cable, and an external retaining ring fitted into a turned groove keeps the pin from being over-inserted. A hitch pin fits into a hole drilled in the end of the axle pin.

The frame has a hole in the back, drilled from side to side for a keeper cable for the axle & hitch pin. The middle one is unused. A hole from the top houses a set screw that retains a wire cable that leaves via another hole drilled through the edge of the shell. The other end of the cable enters a hole in the top of the cam, where another set screw fitted in a cross hole retains the cable end. This cable acts as a cam keeper, but is also a surprisingly good cam spring. This ascender is unlikely to slide down the rope when unweighted.

One side is milled with "UP," an up-pointing arrow, "N05," and an image of the cam. There is a "↖" milled on one side of the cam.


This ascender is clearly based on the Rock Exotica Large Rescucender, although the shell dimensions are different. Among other things, the sticker on the spine says ’USE ONLY APPROVED 5/8" SYNTHETIC ROPE." That effectively rules it out for caving or climbing applications, but the "bigger is better" crowd may like it.

The International Safety Components (ISC) small rope grab has a similar body and cam, but has a U-shaped channel, has eight teeth, and uses a bolt for the axle. The ISC is sized for 11 to 15 mm. rope.

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