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Eric Ellested

Front Rear
Front Rear
Open for Rigging
Open for Rigging

Technical Details

I heard several rumors of this ascender before I finally was able to get one from Mike Moser at OTR in 1993.

The Ellested is 77 mm. tall, 55 mm. wide, 40 mm. thick, and weighs 157 g. The shell is 1/8 in. (3.5 mm.) aluminum bent to form a U-shaped channel. The cam is milled from aluminum and has 7 shallow grooves forming 6 low-relief teeth. The eye is well-rounded, both inside and out. The axle is a steel Allen-head bolt trimmed to length and drilled to receive a hitch pin clip as a retainer. Everything is held together by a thin wire cable.

There are no markings on this ascender, but the QR pin is stamped "#NASI356S13 M."


I'm told that Eric Ellested of Cincinati made this ascender as part of a school project, and that only four were made. The idea was to cut down on the bulk of the Gibbs ascender, and this design certainly accomplishes that.

I acquired the ascender with a quick-release pin that can be used as an axle instead of the Allen bolt. The pin provided with the ascender is too long, though, and could be about 11 mm. shorter. It can also ride in the top holes as shown in the photo, where it helps the ascender track.