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Grivel Magic Ring

Ready for Rigging On Rope
Ready for Rigging On Rope

Technical Details

I acquired this Grivel Magic Ring from Tradeinn on in 2022.

The Grivel Magic Ring consists of a sewn loop of 6-mm. double sheathed aramid tope and a forged aluminum toggle. The stitching and an information tag are covered by clear heat-shrink tubing. The rope loop has a permanent set. The toggle is 56 mm. tall, 27 mm. wide, and 7 mm. thick. The overall kit weighs 50 g.

The tag is printed with the Grivel logo, "CE 0123," a book-with-an-"i" icon, a factory icon with "2021/05" beneath, "23kN," "EN 566:17," "UIAA 104," and "Made in Italy." The toggle has "GRIVEL" printed twice on each side.


Although it looks like it may have been designed for Arborists, the Magic Ring is intended to be used in mountaineering. It attaches directly to the harness with a girth hitch. The free end can be wrapped around the main rope(s) much like an autoblock. Contrary to the instructions, the sewn loop prevents using a true Prusik. Presumably the instructions are using "Prusik" in the generic sense, which may be confusing.

The Magic Ring works reasonably well. Its holding power depends on the rope(s) being climbed, as well as its condition (wet, muddy, ...). Getting the toggle through the sewn loop requires some force, and it is unlikely to accidentally release. It can be done with gloves on, but is easier without gloves.

I much prefer to tie my own slings so that I can adjust their lengths for the most efficient climbing. Tying my own slings gives me the option of selecting the best ascending knot for the situation that I'm facing. The Magic Ring basically forces me to use an autoblock, but at least an autoblock is often a reasonable choice.