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Prohaska Knots

Single Rope Prohaska

Single Rope

Double Rope Prohaska

Double Rope

Heinz Prohaska discussed several knots in The Nylon Highway #30. One of these is now commonly known as Blake’s Hitch. This page describes two others. The double-rope version of the Prohaska knot is a related to the Hedden Knot. I find that it behaves similarly, but may be slightly harder to loosen. The single-rope version also holds well; however, the tail can pull through causing the knot to untie. One way to prevent this is to tie a stopper knot in the tail as shown in the Blake’s Hitch page.

The performance of any ascending knot depends on the diameter, material, construction, and condition of both the main line and the ascender knot sling material. It may also depend on exactly how one ties the knot. Your knot’s performance can easily differ from mine.

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