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Israeli French Prusik

Israeli French PrusikAmnon Zohar sent me a Hebrew description of this knot, along with an English translation. It is similar to the French Prusik, but is tied with a loop of rope. According to Amnon, the instructions say the following:

Israeli version of French Prusik

Catches easily on wet and frozen ropes

Can be released under load

Moves easily

Make sure at least four turns are built

My picture shows only two turns, since the sling that I use for my pictures was too short to make four turns. Note that the two sides alternate being on top at each crossing.

Like the French Prusik, the Israeli French Prusik has too much elongation under load for it to work well as an ascender knot.

The performance of any ascending knot depends on the diameter, material, construction, and condition of both the main line and the ascender knot sling material. It may also depend on exactly how one ties the knot. Your knot’s performance can easily differ from mine.

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