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Raumer Handy

Front Rear
Front Rear

Technical Details

I acquired my Raumer Handy from Expé-Spelemat in 2016.

The Raumer Handy is 110 mm. tall, 39 mm. wide, 30 mm. thick, and weighs 131 g.

The Handy is a specialty carabiner with a V-notch at the top end, a spring-wire gate, and a twisted chain link for attachment to the seat maillon.

The front is stamped with "PATENT PENDING, "HANDY," "Raumer," "ITALY," and "SOLO↓CORDA." The rear is stamped with " "ONLY↓ROPE," "← 12 KN →" and "STAINLESS STEEL."


The Handy is designed to be used as the second seat carabiner recommended for bobbin users. Made of stainless steel, wear is not a major concern, but it is an extra device and it weighs more than a standard carabiner. It is also not large enough to pass the bights needed for locking a bobbin off in the standard manner.

Cesare Raumer submitted Italian Patent Application #VI940138 in 1994 and received Italian Patent #1,267,858 in 1997.